paulison.com was started several years ago as a place for me to play with creating web pages and for sharing family photos.

after each event, I'd rush home and post my photos on a web page and add humorous (questionable) comments. my favorite part, though was changing the home page to the site with new 'cover models', little play ads, games, etc.

soon, there were too many photos and too many web pages. I started taking more time with each photo in Photoshop to process them the way I felt they should appear. I also started enjoying blogging and started an Internet radio station.

after a while I started posting less of the photos I took. lightened up on the comedic editorials and let the photos say what they needed to say.

right now there are several destinations within the scope of 'paulison.com'. they are:

-paulison.com's galleries: these are where I put my favorite photos together as sets. simple galleries that I add to often.

-a thousand words photoblog: this is my pixelpost 'one-a-day' style blog. no talking, just a big photo and comments by viewers. I have several blogs I follow in this venue and I enjoy the comments from them, but I do not solicit comments for the sake of comments or popularity. I always appreciate thoughtful critique here and I'd like to see your site as well. I have recently been paying less attention to this blog and more on the next... Oh and A Thousand Words is from a Savage Garden song, not the overused photography saying.

-neverwriteitdown photoblog: this started as a regular blog with small pictures and text. I enlarged the blog for big pictures and almost no text. the difference here is the neverwriteitdown blog at paulison.com is more personal. there are more people shots here than at a thousand words and also more fun stuff that I can't or don't want to post elsewhere. this is a wordpress site that lives at paulison.com. this was my first blog and named after one of my mother's favorite sayings when I was growing up.

-neverwriteitdown @ blogger: this blog is just for camera phone pictures from my iPhone and Galaxy S4. This one is JUST camera phone pics straight from the phone and sometimes Instagram. no cheating.

-flickr: I'm neverwriteitdown there http://www.flickr.com/photos/neverwriteitdown/

-Instagram: yup... neverwriteitdown

-Facebook Fan Page: neverwriteitdown https://www.facebook.com/NeverWriteItDown

as far as the photography goes, I use a Nikon d90 as my second. my favorite DX lens for this camera is my Nikon 10.5 rectangular fisheye. it creates great pictures when used as a wide angle or as a fisheye.

my new primary camera is a Nikon D600 with my Nikon 50mm f1.4 prime or my fantastic Nikon 70-200 f2.8 lens. Gary Fong's Lightsphere is pretty much out. I now use a Graslon Prodigy Dome when I can't use studio lights. I have a 2 softbox travel kit with a Botero 8x16' white background (though the wrinkles and folding is more trouble than it's worth. Throw in a Benro Travel Angel carbon fiber tripod (or two) and that's about it.

and for post-processing I have adobe creative suite cs6 master collection, lightroom 4, imagenomic noiseware pro and photomatix pro 3. I use topaz Adjust, Remask and once in a while Detail or Clean. with all that, one would think my photos would be way better! I belong to the national association of photoshop professionals(napp) and one day hope to be president of the united states and end war, hunger and further mention of brittany spears in the tabloids.

if you do pay me a visit, please leave me a comment or send me an email. let me know if you have a site that I can visit.

if you're still reading this, you need a hobby. it was long and kind of boring. even I stopped reading after the third sentence.