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Slot Machine 4 Sale

Are you Hell-bent on squandering your children’s inheritance?
Does your house already smell like a cigar? Are your carpets soaked with liquor and tears?
Do you hate fighting with old people holding piles of $5 buffet food?
Tired of late night bus rides down the Parkway?
Then the Game Maker with Interactive Video Play is for you. We call it the DREAM Maker 3000.
The Dream Maker is being sold at a loss to move fast. Don’t worry… there are more in stock than Walmart’s Black Friday $199 laptop.
This is a limited time offer not good with any other coupons or promotions.

Oh and Mom… the picture was taken, sent to MaryJane and a jaunty blog entry created. Jackie is still screaming ‘IT’S A WAAAAAAAAASSSSSSTE!’ over and over. She’s not completely sure why, either.

Blog Format

OK, the white blog was nice and easy for adding comments, but it was a real pain in the ass to work with.
I really wanted something with a sidebar so I could have searches and links, etc. I even threw my Facebook stuff over there.
Plus, Mom and Sylvia are complainers.


Late night diner run. Snacks and dessert.

Travis happy we’re going to the diner.

Michael happy we’re going to the diner.

Michael at the diner.

Buffalo Wings

Disco Fries. I was going to have the Disco Duck cause there’s no stoppin a duck and his beat…

Travis at the diner feeling sleepy from chocolate cake and chocolate milk.

Though geographically undesireable, the Pompton Queen is the diner of choice for late night runs.

Oh, the names I had for this…

The Yellow Jackets Are Coming, The Yellow Jackets Are Coming!

Just a practice shot with  my new lens. Better ones to come, I hope!

Beach Family

This and That

New lens on the way…
Nikkor 50mm f1.4. Fast and sharp. Look out people, I’m going to get close!

OK… I know this is a photoblog, but it has an audio player. Mika, a favorite of mine has a new album coming out and this is his first single.

Back Again

This is turning into a yearly thing. The website went away on it’s 5 year anniversary on September 2nd. I now own the name again for another 5 years, so we’re back in business.

To see what you’ve missed, go to The OTHER NeverWriteItDown Photoblog

Pretty in Pink

One of the pink sphinx at Ringwood Manor.


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