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Northern Exposures

A few family pics from Michael’s birthday today up in Wantage.







Little buddy Dante



Debbie showing off her pumpkins (again)



Mike’s getaway.



Mike’s Chevy Custom




Michael and Ashley

Ashley ventured up for a family visit. We’ll probably never see her again.


Grandpa Benny and Analisa Anamaria Ananconda



Pat wearing a rare smile



Here’s Dot. If I’m not mistaken, Pat (her daughter) was talking… hence this face!

I think Dot is 87 years old… married for 68 years to Benny (above).


Aunt Ivy





The always handsome (or so he tells us constantly) Johnny





Debbie and Freddie





The birthday boy blowing out his candles.


Who says there’s no use for those old Christening dresses? Here, all five kids are represented.

Fred -n- Deb

Not the ’80s version they’re touting on Facebook. Slightly more up to date.


Fred & Dante