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This is definitely not good. They must be talking about Audrey!!


Taking a rest in Little Italy for some lunch at Napoli.

Father/Daughter-In-Law Moment

We Gather Together

Christmas Day at Mom & Dad’s House

The welcoming sign to Mom & Dad’s house.

Mom had some extra energy and decided the island needed some spirit.

Dad looking good.

The gifts were everywhere.

Abbie and Jackie. Jackie looked great. Judging by the beer in her hand (I think she had it when she got there), the day would go by swimmingly.

MaryJane bought these for Abbie. You’d think she could have afforded something better, but…

Abbie using the only thing she got from MaryJane.

Jackie bought these enormous earphones for Mom. I give her credit for time travelling back to 1975 to get them. They went back.

This is about as close as my camera can get without my getting punched in the face.

MaryJane and Michael’s favorite saying on a hoodie.

Later that same day…
Michael got night-vision goggles and laser tag and these two were playing with them.

Home for the Holidays