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A First


Not long ago, I took Michael and Travis to NYC and Travis said it was the first time he’d ever been there. Today, we were on our way somewhere and passed the Statue of Liberty and Travis mentioned he had never been there. We hopped on that boat and went. Another first. Suck it Laura and Frank!



Travis didn’t realize just how big the statue was in person. Kids love big stuff. Score!




For the hardcore Travis lovers (which mostly includes Travis) there are more photos of him HERE.

The Thinker


More Travis at the Beach




Mike & Travis




Late night diner run. Snacks and dessert.

Travis happy we’re going to the diner.

Michael happy we’re going to the diner.

Michael at the diner.

Buffalo Wings

Disco Fries. I was going to have the Disco Duck cause there’s no stoppin a duck and his beat…

Travis at the diner feeling sleepy from chocolate cake and chocolate milk.

Though geographically undesireable, the Pompton Queen is the diner of choice for late night runs.

Travis and the Case of the New Hat

Went to the mall and Travis got a new hat. I’m always up for a hat photoshoot.

Triple Travis

We love Travis and all, but sometimes it feels like he’s multiplying!


Travis walking the bank of the Delaware River like Huck Finn. That leaf makes him look like he has a donkey ear. Oh well.

We didn’t see any bears… this time.

I may get a protoge yet.

I SWEAR I just had Italian ice!



Travis and Michael needed some new Facebook pics. Travis will do anything to have someone point a camera at him.