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Bear Mountain





Bear Mountain








Bear Mountain

Just for fun, here is a map of our trail from the Bear Mountain Inn to the Bear Mountain Bridge… zoo included.

The Birds

This is actually two separate exposures of the same bird.

Hey, not the best, but without the use of lures or ‘backyard stuidos’! You know who you are!


The Hudson Highlands from the top of Bear Mountain.

Oh, a while back, I took pictures of what I later found out was Sterling Furnace that made the chain that spanned the Hudson River to block British ships in the War of 1812. I found it by mistake and here (finding by mistake) is the place that chain spanned the Hudson River.

A picture of the Sterling Furnace that made the chain is HERE.

The Eye of The Bear

Bear Mountain, NY

Rip Van Winkle Was Here

Taken at West Point

Give A Hoot

The strangest barbeque I’ve ever seen. The smoke has nowhere to go but to shoot out the eyes, directly at you.
Give a hoot… this is bar-b-cute!


Tunnel Vision

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