Father/Daughter-In-Law Moment

Time Stops for No One

MaryJane’s 40th birthday party was a roaring success complete with door prizes, cash awards, great food and big fun all around.

Welcome Michele and Kevin

Welcome to the wacky world of paulison.com where no one is safe!

Lip Service

Guess Where I Went

Yes, there is another one. I may rename this to the Statue of Liberty blog. You gotta problem wit that?

And Another…

Yeah… another one… so what?

Moon Over Manhattan

Ellis Island

OK… Panic

You can go ahead and start to sweat. I took 483 pictures here and I liked A LOT of them. You may want to come back in a few months when it has all blown over! This one kind of looks like one of those souvenir shop statues.

Lighting the Torch

This was taken just as they lit the torch at 5:00. I didn’t make it shiny… it really was lit.

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