Shit Happens

If you have five bucks and a little time to listen, you can buy a model. Carl proved to be both cooperative and borderline interesting. Carl, you see, was involved in things he couldn’t control. Between the anguish of what he’s seen and his own injuries, fate placed him on the street. He now watches over new friends who he considers less fortunate.


I was going through some older photos and found this one of Jackie from Abbie’s Communion.

Dad’s Birthday

Skylands in the Snow

Circling Since 1945

Secluded Moments

Even in Manhattan, you can find some ‘alone’ time.

Fred & Dante

New Year’s Day

Aunt Ivy and Uncle Fred by their Christmas Tree. A happier couple would be hard to find. In that room, between 3 and 5am, on a Sunday, with the house on fire.

The tree and the Home Goods Santa.

A close-up, portrait shot of the Santa. (?) I didn’t get a shot of Dante, Debbie, Kristen, Beth and others, but I managed to get a portrait of this Santa.

In case anyone needs to find them, here’s their address. And BELIEVE me, there are people looking.

The house from the street. Not a great shot, but it was dark and I’m still trying to help the search. I had to add a few more lights. It was sparse.

I just liked this lamp.

Ivy’s mantle.

It took about a million toothpicks to make this display. It took about 14 toothpicks to pull the ‘Swiss Bliss’ from our teeth.

Uncle Freddie looking on the floor for his youth and vitality.

The kids gathered together to play and plan how the wouldn’t have to come again next year.

A perfect circus-like environment for these people.

Ivy and only child in her mind, Freddie. Saying, “those other ones are nothing but an emotional drain on me!”

Mike with that trouble-causing look in his eyes.

Ryan. The quiet one of the family. We just don’t know what he’s up to yet. But he’s up to something.

Nancy. She complains that the only pair of jeans that made her thighs look hot have gone missing. She suspects Kristen. “Jealousy is a powerful emotion.” Nancy said, pointing.

Little Michael. A mischeivous child but rather nice once he pulls the dagger from your throat. This is my favorite holiday picture of this year.

Mason. Always cute. Always bubbly. A real daredevil. One more cross word from his brother and we’re going to have trouble, though.

Our little Johnny. There really are no words for John.

Freddie. Most likely to be Ivy. He’s funny and worries himself into an abyss… just like his mom. A great personality outside, but inside he tortures himself.

Barry. It’s Barry’s 30th birthday today. Our own baby New Year. At midnight he runs around naked and sits on everyone’s lap for luck. At least that’s how HE sees it. After age 6, it was just plain uncomfortable.

Audrey. Being the older sister to maniacal Diane hasn’t been easy for Audrey. She swears Diane poisons her tea each night and her earrings are always missing the next morning.

Bernie and Diane. Diane once tied Bernie to the bed, which at first seemed great to Bernie. Once she explained that she had just seen Misery and came at him with an ax, Bernie became less enthusiastic.

The ‘kids table’.

Pete. He is Debbie’s brother-in-law. He looks kind of like a gunslinger here… but not always.

Pat. She once locked both her daughters in the attic and went to Aruba for 10 days. The girls each received a casino chip and alchohol soaked drink umbrella upon her return.

Cassada Pie (Ricotta Pie). It was very, very good.

I’ve never noticed this barn accross the street before, so I took a few minutes to investigate. Unfortunately, I missed singing Happy Birthday to Barry. Call me buddy… I’ll sing my part.

That’s it. Nothing else to see here.

We Gather Together

Christmas Day at Mom & Dad’s House

The welcoming sign to Mom & Dad’s house.

Mom had some extra energy and decided the island needed some spirit.

Dad looking good.

The gifts were everywhere.

Abbie and Jackie. Jackie looked great. Judging by the beer in her hand (I think she had it when she got there), the day would go by swimmingly.

MaryJane bought these for Abbie. You’d think she could have afforded something better, but…

Abbie using the only thing she got from MaryJane.

Jackie bought these enormous earphones for Mom. I give her credit for time travelling back to 1975 to get them. They went back.

This is about as close as my camera can get without my getting punched in the face.

MaryJane and Michael’s favorite saying on a hoodie.

Later that same day…
Michael got night-vision goggles and laser tag and these two were playing with them.

Home for the Holidays

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