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Here’s a crappy eagle from a crappy place. i was bored. Be glad I didn’t put an American flag behind it. I wasn’t quite THAT bored.




This is the original REALLY crappy shot. Looks like I was shot in the head twice while taking it… hence the blurriness of it.

Anyway…. trying out Topaz Detail before I buy it.

Bear Mountain

Just for fun, here is a map of our trail from the Bear Mountain Inn to the Bear Mountain Bridge… zoo included.

Give A Hoot

The strangest barbeque I’ve ever seen. The smoke has nowhere to go but to shoot out the eyes, directly at you.
Give a hoot… this is bar-b-cute!


Tunnel Vision

Michael and the Elk

The giant elk statue, attached to a sheer cliff at Bear Mountain, looks over the Hudson River and Highlands near the Bear Mountain Bridge. Michael somehow made his way out to sit on the statue, nearly giving me a heart attack and making me feel like a bad parent. That didn’t stop me from taking pictures. But I turned away as he made his way back to the trail.