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The Pavilion

In a concerted effort to disinherit their children, this was erected earlier in the week. Flanking patios are sure to follow.


Next Summer, Wednesday will be Jazz Night at the Pavilion. Recruiting has begun for a Jazz quartet.


An Austrian woman wearing customary socks and sandals strolled through my picture.

The wave is an artistic rendering. No one asked for opinions in the design phase.

Down on the Farm

Pineapple Mastery. Premium Goods Sold Here


You’ve Found One Bushel Of Wheat


Just what you need, another hay bale!


   You’ve found A Queen Bee On Your Farm


Your Winery Is Overflowing. Share Some With Your Friends?


Farmer Gnome Barbara looking good in her hat.


Debbie giving me the ‘You didn’t fertilize my crops’ look.


The reason so many people make fun of FarmVille.

Misty Water Colored Memories….

…Of The Way We Were.

Captain Ahab

Around the House

The Yard

This is a combination of 14 vertical photos.