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Gobble Girls: Act 2

The Gobble Girls return with their new smash single.. Stop Leaning on My Hair Ho; You’re Makin It Phlat !

Gobble Girls





I had a nightmare the other night…

…and it looked a lot like this!

More Tales of a Birthday

The drama of Jacqueline. Up and away… her style of posing.

Oh.. found Mom again, casually standing as if nothing is going on.

The arrival of Jacqueline.
A bottle of homemade wine and BMW keys… Jackie lives in a paradox. (No, Jackie… that isn’t a brand of shoes.)

The lovely MaryJane.

Michael using his iPod to stop ‘noise’ that is other people. Especially Jackie… she’s chatty.

Auntie Helen

Sylvia and Sean. Sylvia thought this spot was the end of the runway and she was supposed to stop for paparazzi.

Tasty Treat

EmJay enjoying a super tasty bruschetta. I won’t be showing similar Jackie pictures. This blog is kid friendly and violence free.


Family Ties

Voyager Revisited

Don’t you just hate overprocessed portraits. A repost from a few months ago.

Time Stops for No One

MaryJane’s 40th birthday party was a roaring success complete with door prizes, cash awards, great food and big fun all around.


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