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Ringwood Manor



Silhouette on Blue

From Ringwood Manor.
This is an actual photograph and not touched in Photoshop. I know what you’re all thinking!

I’m Mr. Lonely

Could the swan at Ringwood Manor’s Sally Pond be the same spouseless swan from Erskine Lake? They do fly so, I guess it’s possible. He’s probably writing the same thing about me on his swan blog. Well, except the flying part.


Ringwood Manor

When I go to Ringwood Manor, I don’t usually explore this area. Michael and I went over the weekend and climbed in an around here and the abandoned building behind it. I’ll be adding pictures to my Ringwood gallery on the website.

On the way here, I dropped a super critical and expensive lens. It no longer focuses or changes apertures correctly. Not for nuthin, but that’s the lens that makes my beautiful mother look her very best.

A Sunset From Two Angles


Sally Pond Sunset


Black Lake

Ringwood Manor

Ringwood Manor

Manor House

Pretty in Pink

One of the pink sphinx at Ringwood Manor.

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