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Saturday With Liberty and Freedom




She waves whether you’re coming TO America or heading out.


‘Freedom’ Tower

Sunset over Port Elizabeth


Crescent Moon

The Price of Freedom

‘Freedom’ Tower and statue dedicated to ‘those who preserve freedom’ in front.

Bedloe’s Island

OK, so you’re saying to yourself… my GOD! I’ve never seen a picture like this before! Well, it’s the Statue of Liberty. Amazing, huh? Such an original shot. I’m SURE no one has ever taken a picture like this before.

Abbie and I took a trip out on Sunday. This is on our way back, just after the torch was lit.

Guess Where I Went

Yes, there is another one. I may rename this to the Statue of Liberty blog. You gotta problem wit that?

And Another…

Yeah… another one… so what?

My Country ’tis Of Thee

See my favorite (so far) daytime picture HERE.