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Brisk Walk

Michael and I took a trip to the city today to see what was up. The temperature wasn’t up, that’s for sure. Since I like to tale pictures, I like to walk as much as I can. We high-tailed it out of there in a cab. Something I never do. Michael had a look of ‘Why are you hurting me Dad?” on his face and I felt guilty.

We ate at Bubba Gump’s. I always swear I won’t eat there again, but it came at the time we were coldest. They have good food, so it was ok. I had stuffed shrimp and deviled eggs, which were good and the waitress didn’t seem to mind my not wanting to play Forrest Gump trivia again. I don’t know any of the answers and don’t think I ever saw the damn movie, so back off Bubba people, we just want to eat.

There were characters everywhere, too. Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Elmo chasing kids down the street, Hello Kitty and loads more. It was like a theme park but less crowded.

Hustle bustle.  Not many dopes out on a freezing day.

   Be Wise and Repent. The Time is Fulfilled. The End is at Hand. (He must be talking about report cards.)

Michael acting jaunty on Broadway.

  Never saw this before.

42nd Street going back to its porn past.

I asked someone for a lift. this is what they brought me. Taxicab yellow with a hint of checkers, too. Bastards!

In awe of the Golden Arches.

Window shopping.

Tip: Don’t stand in the street trying to get a cool taxi picture.

Bummage has inflation, too.

Shiny. No other reason.


I don’t do this very often at all, but this is the original Viacom photo. This is the magic of RAW and Photoshop.

Listen… it was dark out and too cold to fool with knobs at that point.

Window eating. You just never know when someone with a camera is around.



Here’s the New Year’s ball. Waiting for Dick Clark to hoist it back up next year.

Love Pepsi


This post is dedicated to my sister Jackie. Her complaining about seeing John for so many days made me get off my ass and brave the weather for any picture I could find.